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Strawberry with phytoplasma disease, courtesy of Annette Dullemans PRI

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Working group 2: Epidemiology and vector ecology


Dr. Phyllis Weintraub (Israel)
Dr. Barbara Jarausch (Germany)

WG2 members (pdf file, please click to download)


Tasks of Working Group 2 "Epidemiology and Vector Ecology"

1.  Establish tools to identify vector species,

2.  Monitor the presence of phytoplasma diseases and their putative vectors in defined regions throughout Europe,

3.  Provide data about the infectivity of vector species towards the establishment of a risk assessment system,

4.  Monitor differences in vector populations to verify correlations between vector populations and efficiencies in disease spread, and

5.  Establish the importance of different means of disease spread, such as seed transmission and transmission by root bridges.

bullet New: Download table "Summary of research achievements on seed/tuber transmission and root bridges" (pdf file)


Working group subpages:

bullet Short course on insect molecular taxonomy (Ivrea and Grugliasco , 5 - 9 November 2012)

Download:        Program              Minutes         Proceedings

bullet Minutes training school for molecular identification of psyllid vectors Montpellier 2012

bullet Teaching Session: "Molecular Tools to Identify Psyllid Species that Vector Phytoplasmas: Practical and Conceptual Overview",  01/10/2012 and 5/10/2012 , Montpellier, France.

bullet ‘Phytoplasma diseases and vectors in Europe and surroundings
 By Rosemaire Tedeschi, Duska Delic, Barbara Jarausch and Phyllis Weintraub (note: docx file)

Vector table

Identification key for the Central European Cacopsylla species

Psyllid training school held at AlPlanta, Neustadt/Germany, April 19th - April 23rd 2010

Download:       Minutes               Proceedings


  Grapevine Yellows Vector Sampling and Monitoring Training School, Bernkastel-Kues, Germany, 5th to 9th of July, 2010

Download:       Minutes               Proceedings        

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