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Welcome to the web site of COST action FA 0807:
Integrated Management of Phytoplasma Epidemics
in Different Crop Systems


Phytoplasmas are insect-transmitted plant pathogenic prokaryotes causing serious diseases in important crops such as grapevine, vegetables, corn, sugar beet, oil-seed crops and fruit trees throughout Europe. Recent advances in phytoplasma genomics have generated an impetus for research into control and management of these diseases. This Action will integrate European phytoplasma research, enabling research funds to be used more efficiently by reducing duplication of efforts. New approaches for disease management based on understanding the phytoplasma-plant

interaction at a molecular level will be achieved. This will result in improved diagnostic methods; reduction of disease spread; improvement of insect-vector monitoring and a reduction in the pesticides used for control. Knowledge-transfer will be enhanced through meetings, workshops for agro industry, website, newsletters and scientific publications. Early-stage researchers and scientists from COST countries will be encouraged to participate in lab exchanges, and public understanding of phytoplasma diseases will be increased. The goal of this Action is to promote information exchange in order to design integrated phytoplasma management strategies for the sustainable production of high-quality plant products and to reduce pesticide use, resulting in less residues in fresh market products: fruits, vegetables and grapevine.


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